King Abdulla's Hypocrisy! #دون_للحرية #reformjo

Do you know why King Abdulla likes being on the Daily Show? it's because a show like that is illegal in Jordan. 

at a time when the King's appointed government looks for any way possible to tighten the noose on freedom of speech in Jordan, he appears on a show known the world over for how the freedom of speech is best displayed. in the segment preceding the appearance of King Abdulla, Jon Stewart ridiculed Obama's appearance on morning show, "the view," instead of meeting with world leaders gathering in NY for the annual UN general assembly. that segment was just a passing moment in the shows usual "for laughs" critique of the president of the US.

imagine for a second that a Jordanian news-comedy show made fun of the king's height or his constant blinking. imagine that, one day, mohammad al wakeel made a couple of jokes on the king's obvious accent. gendarmerie, darak, forces will be on his ass in no time!

so, when king abdulla or queen rania go around wowing the world of how democratic, modern, and forward thinking the leadership in Jordan is, please talk to a Jordanian to get the real story! 

this post was brought to you by a generous contribution from the "are you bordered by Egypt?" foundation and a group of direct descendants of prophet mohammad

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jano said...

We preach what we don't practice.. And same applies for schools and education.. Bekaffe 3aret 3al 3alam! Like I always say, if all these efforts to wow the world were put in Jordan and Jordanians, we would have been somewhere better.

Anonymous said...

it is also the hypocrisy of the american media. King "Ab" is a good friend with the US and it serves them very well to show him and his wife queen Rania as an example of modernity in that region.I am a Jordanian citizen and I do not approve the King's messages to the world about us.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Frederick Guyton said...

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